A Door To Better Clinical Research

3A Research is a privately owned and operated research organization. We are backed by decades of pharmaceutical experience in clinical end point trials in patient populations and bioequivalence in healthy volunteers. The team at 3A Research has a track record of multiple successful FDA audits. Our organization is devoted to delivering superior research, strict adherence to protocol, timely turnaround, and ethical execution of studies.

Why choose 3A?

Trusted By Our Patients

High Compliance and Enrollment

Dedicated & Certified Staff

Robust Quality Assurance

Inside every 3A Research site, you will find a warm and welcoming environment, and you will be greeted by highly experienced team members who love to help patients feel safe and engaged. What’s more, each 3A facility is designed for unmatched efficiency and superior data quality. It is this combination of patient centricity and robust quality assurance that allows 3A Research to provide the new gold standard in research excellence — high enrollment and high compliance sites that understand their patient populations. With deep specialization in dermatology, migraines, metabolic diseases, and diabetes, 3A Research sites are fully staffed for multitherapeutic success in Phase II-IV trials.

3A Research Sites Go Above and Beyond for Your Trial!